Weight Loss Motivation - Comes From Within

How do you find and keep weight loss motivation? Motivation comes from within. No one else can motivate you. Someone else can inspire you or even push you but the motivation for weight loss has to come from inside you otherwise you will not succeed.
Weight loss motivation is a multi-tiered proposition. First, you need to get an exercise routine you can live with and even elaborate on should the need arise. The stick to it, doing a little each day will give you the confidence and bolster the motivation needed to succeed.
Weight Loss Motivation - Comes From Within

Next, you need to plan out pretty much every single meal you will eat for at least a week, maybe longer. Doing this will make it easier to stick with your diet. If it is spelled out for you and you can make your shopping list every week by the meals you have planned then you will be that much ahead of the game.
Challenge yourself to do this and see how well it works. You may just surprise yourself. Being prepared with meal planning will also increase your motivation, as well. Pretty so you will be wondering what was holding you back for so long. Even though you will want to do not kick yourself. Everything happens in its own time. Remember that.
Other things you can do to keep the motivation in top form is to take before and after pictures, or before and along the way pictures. Document any and all progress you make and display it on the fridge or bathroom mirror. Any place you are comfortable with is good.
Keep things positive and talk to yourself every day. Tell yourself you are well worth the trouble. Remind yourself daily that you are going to look better than you ever have in your life.
Some weight loss gurus say to visualize your success. If you were thin once upon a time then this will be the easiest for you to do. If you have always battled with your weight then maybe you will have trouble doing this. That should not stop you. Look in the mirror and see what you will look like. Block off some of your body with a solid object so you get a better feel for how you can and will look when you are all done.
Find a diet and exercise buddy. One of your friends may be interested in joining you on your daily walks or bike rides. Motivation does come from within but if there is someone who cares enough to be there for you then it helps in so many ways.
Make a contract with yourself, set the ground rules and the consequences if the rules are broken. Do not give yourself an out. Make the contract in front of a witness and sign it then let them keep a copy. If they are willing then let them also be the one to dole out the discipline should you mess up. In essence, they will be your personal trainer. Talk about weight loss motivation!