Bond With Your Baby While You Relax

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay
KikyLife - The bonding moments you’ll have with your baby can benefit both you and your little one. They can get used to the sound of your heartbeat the moment you carry them. Even doctors believe in the power of a hug, especially when it comes to the development of your child. There’s actually a word for this: it’s called kangaroo care.

So what does this term mean? In a nutshell, it’s skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Strip him down to his diaper and hold him against your bare chest. This is exactly how a mother kangaroo carries its child. In fact, most neonatal intensive care units believe in this practice. Specialists claim that at least three hours of it on a daily basis stabilizes your baby’s heartbeat, temperature, and breathing. Babies are also said to gain weight and are stronger when it comes to being immune to disease. In fact, there’s more to it than just your baby’s health. Experts also believe that there could be a possible link to early motor development.

The kangaroo hug helps you in so many ways. Your baby could still be struggling with newborn issues. From a dark quiet womb, he’s been thrust into a big, bright, and noisy world. Your familiar voice and warm skin is his sanctuary. He sleeps better knowing that his mommy is around. This practice also reassures you too. Take this as a time to think or zone out. This makes you feel that you actually have more space for yourself.

To optimize the hug, wear a shirt that has an opening in front. Set your air conditioner to a cool temperature and dim the lights. Make sure that you and your baby don’t feel chilly.  Prop up several pillows to support your back and arms. This way, you won’t turn over and lie down on your child if you fall asleep. As an extra precautionary measure, ask someone to check on you from time to time. You can start with short 30-minute sessions and extend when needed.

Ask your hubbies to actively take part in the whole things as well. Many new fathers also feel unsure about their parenting skills. You carried the baby for nine months while they were there to give you support. Your child is more familiar with your scent. It helps the fathers to know that they too have bonded with their newborns. Kangaroo care is simple, easy, and beneficial. Plus, you can also take this as more extra time to catch up on your other responsibilities.

There’s nothing in the world like being with your baby. Time flies fast, and before you know it, they become independent. Take advantage of the first few months of his life to truly be with them. While they won’t be able to recall it when they grow up, you’ll know that you’ve already reaped the rewards. You have a happy, contented, and confident baby who knows that he is truly loved by his parents. There can be no greater reward than this