Do you know? Even Your Baby Needs Massage

Image by Stephanie Pratt from Pixabay
KikyLife - When people talk about massage, they naturally have an adult in the picture. Well, things have definitely changed because scientists are now discovering that even babies need that special touch. In fact, they have done several studies on the benefits of baby massage. The things they’ve discovered are all beneficial to the infant. If you want to do everything possible for your little one, start by looking into the benefits of this great discovery. With the right stroke, your baby will be comfortable.

Touch is very important because this is the first sense to develop. He feels you every time you rock him to sleep or pat his back as you burp him after feeding. As babies emerge from the womb, they look for that stimulating massage from a doctor in order to adapt to the new world around them. This is a way to reassure them that their new surroundings are safe.

Whenever they cry out in pain, they look for the arms that circle their body. They see this as a sign that someone is there to care for them. Many people believe in the power of the massage. Most often, adults don’t realize that babies need more of the touch than anyone else. There are articles published showing how a massage improves the baby’s development. Now, there are classes just for a parent and baby to bond by holding them and stroking their body. The practice of massage carries on throughout the life of a person. With just a simple touch, relationships are enhanced.

Baby massage serves as a way for a parent to communicate with their baby. They can do it during their bonding time, and babies learn to value that adult that is actively present in their life. Even hospitals do this for babies born prematurely. After all they need special care because they are not yet as well developed to deal with the harsh environment. This practice helps in their physiological and emotional development. In fact, people believe that babies experience fewer health problems when they are constantly touched and carried. They also eat and sleep much better when someone lets them know they have the company they need.
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So how good is a massage? Well, you will definitely see remarkable improvement on the way they digest their food. Mothers who are active believers claim that this helps their babies feed better. They cry less and sleep better. Daily abdominal massages coupled with a change in their diet can be a miraculous combination. You’ll also be amazed at how babies are soothed to sleep after a short treatment. If you’re new to parenting, you too can benefit from it because you won’t be agitated by their constant bouts of crying and shouting. As for the baby’s ability to fight diseases, you will notice that they will require less medicine. This just goes to show you that nature has also provided parents with ways of coping with changes that come with having a new baby. You can do so much with a gentle touch. Try it and see your baby grow up to be a lot happier.